Spa Etiquette

Patrons and staff of Bodyline Spa & Sauna respect each other by observing the following:

  • Alcohol or illicit drugs are not permitted in the venue. Customers found with or under the influence of any illicit drugs will be immediately removed from the venue and could face a ban.
  • Bodyline is a legally established “sex on premises” venue, however prostitution in any form is not permitted.
  • Consuming gum, or food & drink purchased outside the club, is prohibited.
  • Smoking is only allowed on the roof top smoking deck.  NSW Government legislation prohibits smoking inside venues.
  • Sleeping on premises is not permitted at any time.  Customers found sleeping will be asked to leave.
  • Respect the Bodyline venue by not vandalising the premises and leaving things as they were found.
  • Sharp Disposal units are located in all toilets and this is the only place for safe disposal.
  • All personal property is your responsibility; any valuables can be securely stored at reception for the duration of your visit.
  • Keep your locker key on your person at all times. A $20.00 replacement charge will apply for lost or misplaced keys.
  • Maintain personal hygiene – ALWAYS shower before using the spa, steam room, or sauna.
  • Be polite when saying “no” and respect that “no” means “no”. Demeaning, pushy, forceful or abusive behaviour toward fellow patrons and staff is not acceptable and police will be called.
  • Bodyline is a Safer Sex venue and unsafe sexual practices in public will not be tolerated. Safer Sex information is freely available in the lounge area and is placed by the ACON.
  • Failure to observe and respect these codes will result in your removal from the premises and a possible full-time ban. Illegal activity will be reported to the police without any hesitation. 

Enjoy, relax and benefit!

Our policy at Bodyline is for you to have the Friendliest, Cleanest and Safest venue in Sydney. Please tell us how we can improve by filling out a comments/suggestion sheet located in the coffee lounge or by email

This is your club. It is only as good as we all make it.

Please feel free to ask our friendly staff for help or information.